Who We Are?

10 excited, dynamic and enthusiastic young people who were looking for a comprehensive psychology club met at Turkey Psychotherapy Summit. Intersection of their dreams and commonality of their goals made them together with the desire to do "something beneficial" deep down in their hearts.

Then they decided to establish a platform that embraces all students in the field of mental health with the slogan of "Turkey's Most Comprehensive Psychology Club". It would help them to improve themselves in different fields and create a social network while having fun.

They hosted leading names such as Scott Miller, John Arden, Gündüz Vassaf, Vamık Volkan and Pelin Kesebir under the title of “PsiNova”.

They hosted graduates or doctoral students who have been educated in Turkey and abroad in the field of mental health under the title of “PsiMaster”.

They hosted experts from various fields under the title of “PsiHybrid”.

On the purpose of raising awareness of both students in the field and the people in the society, they organized symposiums open to everyone and free of charge by gathering the experts who will speak on different topics under a certain theme.

By hosting experts from Turkey and abroad, they organized case studies, book analyzes (PsiBook), movie analyzes (PsiMovie) and interviews on certain subjects.

In the ''PsiMeet''s, they met people from all over the world on a common ground, played games and benefited from each other's experiences.

Thanks to the “Peer Supervisions”, they shared the concerns in their psychological cases with each other, sought solutions together, learned together and developed together.

PsiClub, which started its journey with 10 friendly team members on August 18, 2020, renewed its team by opening its doors to new PsiClubers. Now it has 18 people. 18 varied, excited and enthusiastic people are now working even harder to go beyond their dreams and surpass what they did yesterday. 

Even though they started the journey with the "The Most Comprehensive Psychology Club of Turkey" motto, they will not stop until they become "The Most Comprehensive Psychology Club of the World".