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Christine A. Padesky

Aaron T. Beck Ödülü’nün sahibi, dünya çapında efsaneleşmiş BDT eğitmeni Dr. Padesky, 9 Kasım'da PsiClub’ta!


Steven Hayes

Steven Hayes, co-founder of ACT, developer of Relational Framework Theory and author of "Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life", will be at PsiClub!


Öget Öktem Tanör

Turkey's first neuropsychologist Öget Öktem Tanör will be at PsiClub with her talk titled “Neuropsychology of Love”!


Timothy A. Pychyl

Researching procrastination behavior and solving the puzzle of procrastination, Timothy Pychyl will be at PsiClub!


7 Countries 50 Speakers
America, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Sweden, Turkey
250+ Members
Our members from Turkey and abroad, which we call as PsiClubers
50+ Events
Events, Meetings, Film and Book Analysis, Symposiums
Our volunteer team, who has signed all these quality works

We are so excited for the new term.

Become a member now and join us in order not to miss the events, internship experiences, peer supervisions and many other excellent activities that we will organize with leading names from Turkey and abroad.



Opportunities waiting for you in Turkey's Most Comprehensive Club:

  • Opportunity to interview with international psychotherapists
  • Opportunity to participate in events held exclusively for PsiClub members
  • Opportunity to meet and network with other PsiClub members
  • 5%-10% discount on certain psychotherapy training
  • Opportunity to interview with people who graduated from psychology and/or PDR (Psychological Counseling and Guidance) and worked in different occupation
  • Opportunity to meet and ask questions with people who continue their education abroad
  • Opportunity to learn what we will encounter in the graduate process in Turkey
  • Opportunity to watch video recordings of Turkey’s Psychotherapy Summit
  • Opportunity to receive information from people who organize internship purchases
  • Opportunity to get discounts from contracted places exclusive to PsiClub
  • Opportunity to receive weekly suggestions as an e-mail newsletter
  • Opportunity to discounts at the events of many institutions and organizations
  • Opportunity to get a member certificate for the period of your participation
  • Opportunity to read and analyze books in the field of psychology with experts
  • Opportunity to analyze psychological movies’ characters and stories with experts

People who are interested in psychology, PDR and psychology students can join PsiClub.

You should take part in order to improve yourself, to learn aspects of your field that you do not know, to gain experience and to progress with the support of experts. Besides, you make lots of friends from all over the world.

Dönemlik 69 TL, Yıllık 99 TL’dir.

Third Term Dates: 15 September 2021  15 January 2022.

Friends, experiences, awareness, discounts, domain-specific events and more. 

If you become a member of PsiClub, you will get discounts on various Psychotherapy Trainings.

Some of them:

  • Turkey Psychotherapy Summit 5% extra discount right
  • 5% extra discount right at POEM Organizations
  • 5% extra discount on CIS Association Trainings
  • 5% extra discount on Mindfulness Institute Trainings

If you become a PsiCluber, you will not have to pay for any activity.

Evet, konuşmacılarımızın özel bir talebi olmadığı takdirde, takvimimizdeki bütün etkinliklere katılabilirsin. 

Etkinliklerimiz, konuşmacılarımızdan izin alınarak kayıt altına alınmaktadır. 

Kaydı alınan etkinliklerimizi izleyebilirsin.

You have a chance to be together at PsiClub with the native and international pioneers of the field. Institution managers will explain internship and laboratory opportunities.

Unfortunately, no. Our events are exclusive to PsiClub members only.

Seasonal Memberships consist of one terms of 5 months. Annual memberships consist of two terms of 5 months. You can become a seasonal or annual member. Memberships continue until the end of the term.

You can receive the membership certificate by e-mail stating the periods you were a member of PsiClub.

You can't cancel after making the payment, but you can transfer it. For transfer transactions, please send us an e-mail. hey@psiclub.net

Yes, you can buy a membership and gift it. Contact us now: hey@psiclub.net.

PsiClub is not affiliated with any institution. It is a project initiated by Psychology and PDR students.

Unfortunately, no. Our events are only available to PsiClubers.

You can reach us from the contact page. You can send an e-mail to hey@psiclub.net.



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